The go-to-market of innovative solutions like API Products or Marketplaces is a huge challenge for traditional marketing and sales teams as it requires new skills and a different mindset. Enterprises and telco’s are built for Horizon 1 sales of proven technology, not on Horizon 2 where the focus is on evangalisation, inspiration, challenging, partnerships and co-creation, and solution selling and good value propositions are crucial.

We help CSP’s with this Horizon 2 sales, as a business partner, through sales and channel enablement training and coaching and by helping them set up their own sales overlay team aligned with their existing go-to-market teams.

And we help CPaaS and Programmable Telecoms scaleups with international expansion and growth through our network of experienced business developers and rain makers.

Go-to-Market Programs

To inspire and engage business buyers with CPaaS providers in the API marketplace or programmable telecoms platforms we help with G2M through inbound marketing and…

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