After an amazing first APIdays Amsterdam event last year, focused on programmable telecoms and CPaaS (watch the video here) we’re excited to run the second edition June 18-19 and dive into The Rise of Contextual Communications.

In a mobile first world where technology is changing ever faster, communications API’s are enabling companies to radically change the way they interact with customers and employees. Large enterprises, challenged by disrupting startups and struggling with their legacy IT infrastructure, are looking for ways to gradually change their ways of working, turning digital transformation into an ongoing process. The business communications leaders of tomorrow embrace change, open innovation and new ecosystems combining UC, CPaaS, AI and voice in radically new ways.

Over two days, APIdays Amsterdam will draw 600+ technology and business professionals (CTOs, CDOs, VP Engineers, Architects, PMs, Developers) from Europe and globally to discuss how to develop and execute an API strategy, with a great lineup of speakers, moderators and analysts:

  • Day 1 will be dedicated to learning about the state of the art of programmable telecoms, contextual communications, the role of API’s and how to build and execute a successful API strategy for continuous innovation in small and large organizations, and the impact of all this on our society.
  • Day 2 will focus on the next steps in customer experience, contact centers, conversational interfaces, voice assistants, big data and AI, looking at what the leading players are working on, what users and brands are looking for.

The full program can be found at the event site, but summarising our main stage will focus on the rise of contextual communications, with

  • keynotes by best selling authors like Adrian Swinscoe (CX Punk) and Deborah Wietzes & Beate van Dongen Crombags (CEX Sells), plus industry leaders like Mark Castleman (Single Consciousness AI) and Kay Lummitsch (The Perfect Gumbo)
  • panel discussions on the state and future of CPaaS, the emerging API Economy and opportunities for carriers, led by industry analysts and experts like Mark Winther (IDC), Raul Castanon-Martinez (451 Research), Michiel Steltman (DINL) and Andy Abramson (Comunicano)
  • amazing presentations on programmable telecoms, CPaaS, API marketplaces, by founders and industry leaders from companies like Telestax, Wazo, JpU, Nexmo, Voip Innovations, Ribbon Communications, Twilio, Alcatel-Lucent, Voxbone
  • the user perspective by leaders from companies like Sephora, ING, Avaya

While in the 2 breakout rooms we go into more technical depth with

  • short and powerful presentations about API design, monetization and security by experts from IBM, Apigee, WSO2, KPN, Apiida, NGINX, SmartBear
  • expert sessions on AI, speech, bots, integration and more from ContactEngine, Contexta360, BeterDichtbij, ABN Amro, Ottspott, Mavenir, Avaya and more
  • 11 50-minute hands-on workshops on API management, design and security, as well as on various CPaaS and programmable telecoms platforms and solutions (limited seating)
  • invite-only lunch round tables for digital leaders (hosted by IBM and CIOnet), and carriers (hosted by Ribbon and Voip Innovations)

Both days can be attended separately or together for maximum learnings and networking.

Although the focus is on the rise of contextual communications and the opportunities for old and new players to provide or use communications API’s, but the lessons learned at APIdays can be applied across industries.

Big thanks to our sponsors WSO2, NGINX, IBM, Voip Innovations, SmartBear, KPN API Store, Ribbon Communications, Wazo, Ping Identity, Voxbone, JpU, Apiida, THIS, Nexmo, Avaya, Alcatel-Lucent and Yenlo for making the event possible!

Check out our speakers and sponsors or register here directly with a 30% discount!

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