Most Telco’s are not thinking about their strategy to enter in the world of the API economy and still counting on past wins. But the same way that banking may not be done by banks in the future, telecommunication may not be done by Telco’s! Programmable telecoms powered by API’s will enable us to enter in a new era where we don’t know yet the outcome.

Next month, on October 16 & 17, 400 technical and business people from startups and enterprises providing or using telecommunications services will gather in Amsterdam for the world’s first APIdays Telco event. During this 2 day conference, they will hear from and engage with thought leaders from venture capital, analysts, telco’s, platform providers, AI and chatbot experts about everything related to the future of telecommunications, driven by API’s and CPaaS.

Among the first 25 announced speakers are:

  • Reese Jones – Reese is the Associate Founder of the Singularity University, an advisor at Facebook, and a pioneer in Broadband internet plumbing infrastructure for Telco, CABLE, Wirelesses, Smarter Power Grid, Global Carrier Grade Platform Management. He is also involved in Media infrastructure technologies (voice, data, video, photo, music, print, virtual, distribution, stream/conference).
  • Tony Jamous – former founder of Nexmo, Tony has more than 15 years of experience in building high growth technology businesses with a focus on cloud communications and mobile. As an early stage angel investor, he focuses on software platforms including APIs, PAAS and IAAS models.
  • Mark Castleman – Mark has a unique experience as an entrepreneur, with corporates like Avaya and Bell Labs, as a startup mentor (Capital Factory) and ultimately as partner in a major Japanese Fund (Mistletoe, sister company of Softbank). 

We are proud to be the local organizer of this event. After co-organizing, running or speaking at various cloud communications events across Europe in recent years, about the trends in hosted voice, UCaaS and more and more CPaaS, it’s exciting to now be organizing the first open European event dedicated to API’s and CPaaS and the future of programmable telecoms, together with Ottspott and the great team at APIDays Conferences.

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