The next decade is going to be about conversations!

The time has come for CSPs to seriously embrace CPaaS (Communication Platform as a Service) as a way to monetize their network infrastructure and add value for their enterprise customer base.

CPaaS is expected to represent a significant disruption to the Telco industry as we know it today. A massive 40% annual growth opportunity now exists from the current $11B business in 2020. Gartner expects 50% of all companies around the globe will be making use of CPaaS in one way or another by 2023. This is a massive opportunity for Telco operators, carriers and CSPs.

To help companies get onboard and take advantage of these exciting developments, The Next Cloud organises CPaaS Acceleration Alliance (CPaaSAA) events that give the opportunity for innovative CSPs and CPaaS enablers to get together with thought leaders to gain learnings and insights regarding API marketplace and CPaaS programs and platforms.

These quarterly CPaaSAA sessions are invite-only and often held alongside relevant industry events. They bring up-to-date information on current market trends with guest speakers and/or panel discussions and are in an informal setting with either drinks and a snack, lunch or dinner.  

The next scheduled sessions in 2020 are:

  • Barcelona – Sunday, 23 February 17:00hrs – 22:00 CET
    (Prior to Mobile World Congress at a great location in the city center)
  • Amsterdam – Wednesday, 6 May
    (Prior to SmartCom Summit 2020)
  • Miami/Dallas – June/July (tbd)
  • Portugal – September (tbd) 

CPaaSAA connects CPaaS enablers and CSPs, both online and offline, for learnings and connections. The Next Cloud also carries out annual surveys and publishes “State of CPaaS” reports for its members.  

Please contact us to get onboard now or alternatively become a CPaaSAA member or sponsor!

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