Since 2016, INTERCOM has become an important conference  in the field of communication technologies and business process automation. Each year, the conference connects attendees from major IT & telecom companies and business verticals to disrupt trends and discuss major cases.

INTERCOM 2019 focused on the next steps in improving client experience through voice bots, omni-channel chats, advanced IVR, and video conferencing and messaging, and included a presentation by The Next Cloud Founding Partner Rob Kurver on the growing CPaaS opportunity.

The schedule included two main panels – business and technical. In the business panel, speakers shared successful cases of implementing innovative technologies into their processes for cost reduction and improved customer experience. During the technology panel, participants – tech experts and developers from leading companies —  went over an in-depth discussion of communication services and conducted detailed workshops on the subjects of ML/NLU/Speech recognition and voice synthesis.

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